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On the far west side of Oahu, Makua Beach lies at the foot of majestic mountains, hiding behind a wall of trees. Crystal clear waters wash upon long stretch of beach with a backdrop of Makua Valley and cliffs that seem to encapsulate the secluded beach.

The beauty of Makua Beach extends beyond its postcard features with overnight camping a common activity on its sands.

The 1958 classic South Pacific was filmed here, and it's easy to see why. A golden half-moon beach. Turquoise water rushing toward bone-white sand. Waves that form perfect tunnels. Mountainside folds of green. And it's even better snorkeling underwater, you may have a rare sighting of the endemic triggerfish.

The water clarity at Makua Beach is phenomenal. There are instances where you can see 40-50ft deep all the way down to the sea floor to spot a small shell. Granted that is way too far for you to dive and collect it but you can imagine with this sort of clarity it feels as if you are swimming in transparent water. In addition to dolphins, Humpback Whales often cruise off the coast, from November to April.

The four tide pools are perfect for relaxing in a natural bath and a small beach cave that fills up with water, lifting people up and down with the flow of waves. Makua Beach often has strong swells great for bodyboarding and playing in the waves. Be sure to check the conditions before you go for a swim as it can be quite a dangerous beach on a wrong day.

There is a strong cultural significance of Makua Valley for the Hawaiian community, as they believe it is where man was first created. Makua Valley runs from the beach to the mountains and is believed to be where spirits enter the afterworld. Makua means “parent” in Hawaiian and was aptly named due to the beliefs surrounding the area.

It has an unusual nickname but don't let that worry you. Beautiful and long with white sand, Pray For Sex Beach (which is really Pray For Sets Beach) is enjoyed by campers on the weekends. It's also a great spot for both fishing and snorkeling. The bay here is also a resting spot of pods of dolphins in the morning. Dolphins hunt at night and seek refuge in coastal bays in many parts of Hawaii.

Makua Beach is one of the Waianae coasts most beautiful beaches with great swimming in the summer months when the ocean is calm. Winter brings large waves and some of the beachs sand erodes. Makua beach is surprisingly quiet during weekdays, fronting an uninhabited valley.

If isolation in the best way possible is what you are looking for, Makua Beach is the perfect beach for you. The nearest store or restaurant is over 10 miles away, allowing for a fully secluded experience. So secluded, in fact, that the first season of the hit TV show Lost was filmed here.

In the winter months the waves are perfect for expert surfers, however the beach is not protected by an offshore reef and the ocean currents can become dangerous. It is best for swimmer to stay close to the shore. Marine life is abundant along the shores of Makua Beach, and you just might catch a sea turtle sunbathing in the sand or a bright school of fish swimming by. Nemo, is that you?

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